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The Mind 

Is the mind in the brain?

     It might interest you to know you brain doesn't control your mind at all. It does influence your mind thru internal and external senses. What you see, hear, taste, smell and feel and that influence your mind. 

      Your mind has two main levels of existence that we will talk about today. These are low level aspects of the mind and we may get into higher levels later.

The mind connects directly to your body, the receptors on your cells. 

     Did you know we have had some strange things happen with Heart Transplants. It is know to change food preferences, it can change the people you are attracted to even going so far that one transplant patient merried the spouse of the person he got his new heart from and the found this out after they got married. People find themselves driving in areas that seem familiar. 

The point is, your mind is tied to your cells, they are not in your cells.

Your mind has the greatest influence on your cells.

     You tell your arm to move and pick up the pencil but try doing that with someone elses arm using just your mind. So we compensate and use our words "pick up that pencil" (influence).

Intuition is how we are connected to other people. the people closest to us are tied to us thru quantum physics. Sensitive people (those who are aware of what their body is telling them) may feel something is wrong with one of their children or a friend and get the urge to call or go see them only to find out that feeling was not without merit (you were not crazy). You may have experience this as well.

     Impathic people tend to take on everyone elses symptoms and don't know it is not them that is sick. I experienced this myself when i started treating patients i would notice i have a problem after i went home. why does my knee hurt, why do i have a headache, why does my gut hurt, why do i keep getting all these symptoms?

     When you ask a question, your subconscious mind looks for the answers. We tend to get answers from two sources. one is our experience and knowledge the other is outside our knowledge and is created, recreated or accessed from outside our known source. There are two areas dealing with sources, the subconscious and the "super conscious" we will call it today.

     The subconscious records every sound, shape, color, relationship, picture, video of every second that we are alive from the beginning. Now, accessing this can be difficult but the best way is to ask a question. The mind will be searching as you do other thing and suddenly you will get and idea, a piece of the puzzle or even a whole masterpiece you didn't know you knew and didn't understand until now.

     Trying to find things consciously takes lots of energy and the conscious mind gets tired and stops working well. this is one reason we need sleep. 

     The subconsious on the other hand works 24/7. It can operate when the body is resting or even sleeping. 

     The development of the Subconscious starts at conception with natural programs. You have seen a new born baby stand up within an hour or so after being born and in a couple days they are running around. They have natural fears of loud noises, big animals, they are curious about life and things, they learn by watching their mother and they copy their mother and learn where the salt lick is located. (you are thinking man I don't know what kind of baby he is talking about but my children never did any of these things.)

     Most mammals are this way. Of course our children are much slower than the deer and antelope but they need to be able to escape the lions, tigers, and bears. 

Once born they learn new subconscious programs. 

What is a subconscious program?

     They are programs that are triggered with an automatic response. some of these are innate responses (being born with them, not having to learn them) and others are learned and may or may not be good and serving the person. 

     Phobias would be an example. An unnatural fear of spiders. 

     There is the normal response, respect, perhaps capture it and release it into the wild, or maybe kill it. then there is the excessive response "eeeeeeekkkkkk spider, burn the house down to kill the spider" it is not logical to the average person that one should burn the house down to kill the spider. 

     Do you need a cannon to kill the mockingbird that wakes you up at 3 a.m. every morning squaking and making racket (because a cat or snake is threatening it, that you don't see)? It doesn't take a cannon but some people might think "that is a good idea" and proceed to find a cannon to do the job. 

     Fact: the conscious mind doen't change the subconscious mind but just changes your conscious mind. This is a good thing when you consider "I am not affraid of hights any more!" and now you have no fear of stepping of the ledge of the cliff. That would be a bad thing, right!!

     Fortunetly you didn't change the fear of falling and that subconscious program saved your life from the dumb program in parenthesis.

     We can change subconsious programs but it is not widely known the when, where, why, and how to do that. So, they have come up with some compensations to bad subconscious programs like "go to your happy place, count to 10, take deep breaths, and Relax, relax..." these are just like the pills you take for your anxiety. they don't work and you may have thoughts of suicide while taking this drug. fun stuff right?

     Training with the proper tools and awareness can help you change these subconsious programs without years of therapy, pills or even surgeries (lobotomy or electric shock therapy).


     The excuse has been in the past, that it is deep in the mind because it happened years ago or so much has happened since then and they go looking for something the conscious mind can play with, never finding the problem and giving the body what it needs to correct itself. Blah, Blah, Blah...

Good News. Just because they can't do it, doesn't mean it can't be done. see Acupuncture and TTAPS for more info on subconscious programs and treatment.

Call today for an appointment and we can see what all is involved

and what it would take for us to help you.


If we don't get significant change, we won't charge for the visit!

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