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Dr. Gilbert Danforth

Dr. Gilbert Danforth

Dr. Gilbert Danforth
Extensive Post Graduate work includes: T.T.A.P.S. Technology, Applied and Clinical Kinesiology, Acupuncture, Structural and organ therapies including Nutrition, continuing education in Body Integration (reconnecting the brain to the body)

I brought Alternative Medicine in with Chiropractic in 1997. There are 3 main aspects of the body which includes Structure, Biochemistry and Neurophysiology. Our goal at the clinic is to find the cause of the problem, give the body what it needs and it will heal itself. We have developed very powerful tools to deal with each of these aspects.

     The most powerful tool in structure deals with Chiropractic adjustments of the joints in the body to affect nerve control of muscles, tissues and organs.

     Biochemistry’s most powerful tool is Nutrition and how food affects us Hormonally and finally Neurophysiology is dealt with using the acupuncture system and Neuroemotional techniques.

  • Graduate of Idalou High School

  • Veteran U.S. Navy

  • Graduate of Texas Tech University

  • B.S. Biochemistry minor in Microbiology

  • Doctorate Parker University Dallas Texas Chiropractic

  • & B.S. Anatomy

The Alternative Medicine Center 
(AMC Clinic)

     Our Company is “The Alternative Medicine Center”. We have been in practice over 25 years successfully helping people restore their Health and Functions without Drugs or Surgery as well as after Drugs and Surgeries (may be more difficult and talk longer if on drugs or missing parts, but still a good chance we will be able to help.
     Our Mission is to give the body what it needs so it can heal itself.  We look at the Human Frame to restore Hormones, Joint Motion, Break up Scar Tissue, Adhesions, restore Nervous Communications as well as teaching our patients how to prepare their food, best resources and choices so the main communications of the body, Nerves, Hormones and Organ Systems can Function Optimally giving People the Healthcare they Deserve.
     All our activities are based in Principles of God creating a Win-Win situation for the Clinic and the People. Dr. Danforth has been implementing these principles since before he became a Chiropractor and continues to look for and implement these Principles of God. All principles are from God so if we don’t use the principles of Business, we won’t be in business very long. If we don’t use the Principles of How the Body Works, we won’t get Healthy Results and Solve the Origin of the Symptoms, the Real Problem. Covering over the symptoms instead of revealing the problem is like saying it is ok to lie to protect the truth. This is why we continue looking for the truth, because the truth will set you free.

     The Alternative Medicine Center was created in August 1997 by Gilbert Danforth Doctor of Chiropractic. We have steadily grown from a 600 sf office to 1800-2400 sf facility so we can serve many people in our community and we have patients that come from surrounding states and long distances in Texas: Houston, Austin, DFW, Midland, Big Spring, Muleshoe and states like New Mexico, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Iowa, Colorado, California. We have not advertised in other states, it is just word of mouth.

Dr. Danforth is also an expert in the Functional Nervous System, and how


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Altenatie Medicine Center
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