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Chiropractic Clinic Nutrition


Nutrition is vital to healthy living. Choosing quality foods can make a world of difference when it comes to you and your families health.


Knowing how food affects you Hormonally

is the KEY to Longevity and avoiding disease.

Disease in the Body is manifest in different Symptoms depending on what Systems are involved.

If it was just about eating nutritious food, everybody could just eat healthy for all their problems.


     But it doesn't quite work that way. Someone that has Cancer needs different food than someone with a Yeast Infection. There are going to be different deficiencies and excesses in the body and because of this,  different diets are required for different disease states?

     Yes, once you are healthy, you can eat a healthy diet for a healthy body. Live a healthy life for a Healthy Mind and then, and only then, can you live a long, active, productive life.

     That is exactly why we need to know what organ systems are involve, what acupuncture systems, what old injuries have not been properly addressed to allow free movement and function.  Even the mental emotional states affect the body positively or negatively.

     When we take all this into account and know the sources of nutrition that work, we have a very powerful tool that can literally save your life and everything in between.


     This is Wholistic Medicine, taking the spectrum of inputs and outputs of an individual and finding the keys to unlocking their unique combination of problems resulting in change.

     Symptoms can be the same but the global system is only manifesting similar Symptoms to others you may know.



Systems instead of Individual Organs

     You might think, ok so if i have heart disease, i need a diet for heart disease! Right?

     What we really should be asking is how he got heart disease to begin with. did the heart do something wrong to cause the disease? 

     Emphatically NO!

     So where does the disease start?


     The answer lies somewhere in the history of that body and the physical, mental/emotional and biochemical injuries and adaptations it has endured.


     Next we must apply the knowledge and wisdom that gives the body relief. We don't do relief like taking pills to cover the sysmptoms. more like you have a splinter in your foot and we find and remove it kind of relief.


Bone and Teeth Strength

     "A diet rich in calcium keeps your bones and teeth strong" Sounds great rights?  WRONG!

This is a slogan created by the Milk Industry to get people to buy milk. It is, however, not the truth.

     Your teeth and bones are strong and flexible due to Mineralization that is controled by Hormones. PERIOD.

     If all we needed for strong bones and teeth was calcium, we could just take some and we would all be healthy. If minerals was all we needed, we could just eat some dirt and get 97 minerals but it is not part of the natural system.

     We get proper minerals because fungus in the soil has broken it down and got it into the root system of the plants. The plant makes Plant Hormones that has a mineral matrix that our bodies are designed to take into the body thru receptors.


     This nutrition is tagged because it passed thru the security check point (mouth) and was given a pass that only allows that nutrition to go to certain organs according to the priority the body has set for maximum survivability. This is adaptation. the better we adapt the more trouble we can cause and still function. When we aren't adapting very well we get sickness and disease.

     The fungus gets what it needs because bacteria in the soil breaks down the organic  matter. Worms and other micro and macro organisms also contribute to the fertility of the soil.

Fertility of the Soil. 

     Isn't that a strange term?  Fertility means it Produces or Reproduces. Nature is restorative and resilient. Our greed for money changes the way we treat the soil, or mistreat it. 

     We hybridize plants that don't tolerate the bacteria or fungus in the soil so we kill the bacteria and fungus by spraying nitrogen into the soil, fungicides, pesticides, herbisides because we want more than nature permits. Our fertilization efforts kills the worms and reduces the minerals available for the plants.


     This is the reason we have deficient food. the soil is not deficient in minerals just the natural things that make it available for the plants. Then we get deficiencies from eating the plants. Using artificial fertilizer makes the plants look good but they are deficient for the many reasons we have discussed. Aren't we intellegent? We must be smarter than God.



     The American Council on Exercise recommends breakfasts, such as oatmeal with fruit, or a light sandwich.  Why would we listen to a council on exercise about our diet? Judging from their recommendations, they don't know anything about nutrition. Oatmeal is a high density overprocessed food as is the "sandwich". I'm sure they mean well but ignorance is bliss and Industry Loves Ignorance.

     The Truth, Our Energy comes from the sun and when it is formed in the natural plants and animals, we get the richest sources of Energy. 

     We discovered the one with the grain could hold out longer than the one with fresh fruits, vegitables and meat. this was important in war and famine.

     When not in war and famine, we should consume very little grains. Yet they recommend it for exercise. I wonder why! 


Brain Health

     Proper nutrition increases blood flow to your brain, protecting brain cells and helping to prevent Alzheimer’s disease. If it increases blood to the brain, it also increases blood flow to everything in the body. 

     Actually, we need normal blood flow to the brain and the american diet and many diets for that matter do not address circulation or the cause of placquing in the arteries. 

     Medicine just gives you pills and hopes it helps, most chiropractors just give you adjustments and hope it helps. "hope it helps" is a protocol that gives you the least amount of care, kinda patch you up and get you out the door, kind of care.

     We won't do that to our patients and for this reason we are not in network because they want us to sign a contract that says we will do the protocol.

     You see, proper treatment for the proper problem, proper diet for the proper problem cannot be just protocol. 

     Did you know that protocol for the medical industry treatment for headache is just 3-5% success rate? That may be exagerated a bit on the high side.

Makes sense when you know the medical industry is built on protocols of paliative care (cover the symptoms till it becomes an emergency) and emergency medicine. It's not health care.


Weight Control

     Are you lossing weight only to gain it back and more? There may be more going on than just calories and it most likely will involve organ systems that are lacking what they need to function properly. 

NOTE: if you have weight problems, you have organ problems and most likely Subconscious Programs running your life and your conscious mind fights against it but the conscious mind gets tired and may be weak so the relentless subconsious program that is supposed to help protect you is actually working against you. Traumas that set up improper protective mechanisms that don't go away by talking about it. See "The Mind and Real Chiropractic Alternative Health Care"

We NEVER put people on a diet to lose weight!

     Losing weight is never enough motivation for people to do what is healthy. Health is based on lifestyle and Life Choices. When you don't know what to do, you look around and see what everyone else is doing. Problem is so many are lacking the knowledge required to make good decisions, informed decisions and so we see all kinds and manner of things going on from taking weightloss pills, which will never work, to high protein or no protein or no vegetable, fruit only, starvation even eating puffed rice cakes.

     They are all wrong and they are all right but almost nobody knows the when, where why and how, so the "diets" never give us long term health and thats why we see yoyo effects when dieters are trying to loose weight for loosing weight or even trying to look good. it is only temporary and usually just for the summer and then they get fat in the fall, have to make a new years resolution again to lose weight thru sheer will power.

Will power only last as long as you are thinking about it!

We have found that unless a person has a health risk, disease, fear of disease, inheritance of disease, they just go on living the way they have been living. They may yoyo diet for the extra fat but they don't have the right questions so they don't get the right answers!

Asking the right questions is another KEY to Health and Longevity

     It is not as simple as going to the health food store and start buying stuff. I have people coming in that have spent hundreds and thousands of dollars buying stuff that is not working. It would be better to have an expert find what you need and then you can get what works.

     Your body runs on principles. Violate the principles and receive the consequences. Keep the principles and reap the rewards with Health.

     If all you know is a hammer, then all you see are nails that need to be hit.

The right tool for the right job. Can you use just any tool to get the job done or does it take a specific tool?

     This is the same thing when it comes to diet. If everyone was healthy, everyone could eat the same thing and be healthy and a protocol would work just fine.

     If someone has a virus and another person has cancer (cancer being a general term for tumor growth and undifferenciated cells indicating lack of communication so they don't differenciate into organs or tissues like normal, that usually is happening for an average of 10 years before symptoms are recognized, so it is not so sudden. It didn't come on the week before you went to the doctor who finds it. )


     (Virus being bits of dna and protein Poison/Toxin that may lead to various symptoms of disease like:

  • fever,

  • nausea,

  • dizziness,

  • difficulty breathing,

  • dehydration,

  • nerve damage,

  • tissue damage causing

  • secondary invasion by bacteria

  • increasing poisons and toxins further

  • taxing the immune systme and may

  • compromise the integrety of the system to sustain life


because the cells lack the communication and function necessary to work properly to take out the poisons and toxins, the virus, bacteria, tumor etc).

     With all this, you may see some overlap, but the human system has different levels of compromise and different deficiencies that must be address when the body is being overwhelmed.

     The one person may have viral infections for years before they get the last infection and we ignore the warning signs because "According to Medical Industry there is nothing that can be done" for a virus except experimental drugs that could kill you or cause you to get tuberculosis or develop cancer and autoimmune diseases. Doesn't seem like a fair trade to me!

     When they say "there is nothing can be done", it doesn't mean "nothing can be done", it just means it is not in their protocols.

So, what is your next question once you know what they mean?

      Exactly, so, "what can be done?"

     Good news, if you have signs and symptoms, your body is telling you "warning, warning" and now you can get industrialized or you can find someone that knows functional physicology and functional food and can access the computer in your body and find the bad program and then clean up the hard drive, defrag, and optimize the system naturally with no drugs or surgeries.

What are you waiting for?

We will not charge you for the visit if we don't get significant change.

Tomorrow is not guaranteed, but you can hedge your bets!

Make an appointment to see how we can help you.

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