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Corrective Care

What is the difference in getting an adjustment and corrective care?

     When people go to a chiropractor, they may think of neck and back pain and wanting to get some relief. A simple adjustment is the lowest form of care, kind of like taking an aspirin. At best it is temporary relief, especially if the joint is degenerating. 

Degeneration comes from injury that has never been fully repaired. This leaves scar tissue and if the joint is deranged you will develop bone spur. 

     Bone spur is formed when eletrons are shooting out of the end of the bone but there is no bone on the other side to shoot into. these negative electrongs are then bound by minerals such as calcium, so they are also called calcium deposits. What they really indicate is joint degeneration due to long term joint derangement and immobility accompanied by scar tissue and adhesions restricting the movement and causing pain.

     The reason a few adjustments tend to be temporary has to do with motion in the joint. If we get motion in a joint and it last a few hours or a few days, then the joint is healing for a few hours or a few days (depending on the severity how long the motion stays).

So, What can be done so it last longer or better yet, goes away and the joint heals restoring strength and alleviating pain for good?


To correct joint degeneration that is due to trauma or accumulation of traumas over time, we must:

  1. Break up scar tissue- various methods, mechanical, nutritional, acupuncture

  2. Get rid of trigger points- areas of decreased circulation, increasing metabolites, inflamation causing pain

  3. Restore nervous communications between the joint, muscles and the brain so the muscles can coordinate and move the joint properly

  4. (In Many Cases we have to address Nutrition because if the body can't heal properly due to disease or mal nutrition, its like doing a 2 step. 2 steps forward one step back or even work you get turned around and it is 2 steps back and one step forward. If your body does't have the building material, it will build temporary repairs, a patch work. you got a hole in the wall and you tape plastic back over the hole to keep the wind and rain out but it doesn't last very long.) Indication would be multiple medications, easy bruising, spraining joints easily, recurring injuries, decreased organ function or even cognitive ability. Diagnosed with disease? usually physical and biochemical components affecting your ability to function properly. addressing how food affects your hormones and genetic expression may be key to recovery and finding your Health again.

  5. Rehabilitate the muscles, ligaments, tendons and joint.

Notice there is an order to getting joints to heal and correcting the joint disease so it does not keep degenerating.

But isn't joint degeneration just an aging problem?

     Let me ask you this, does everyone need their knees or hips replaced at the age of 50, 60, 70 or more? and why do some people only have one bad knee or one bad hip?

     You see, it is not an aging problem, it is an old injury problem that if not corrected, in order, will continue to degenerate until they say "bone on bone" which means you have good insurance and they are ready to replace the joint. 

     I will tell you that NOBODY is walking around with bone on bone. It would be way too painful and the only way someone could even get close to bone on bone would be through pain medication and steroid shots given to numb the pain while they tear it down more instead of building the tissue back naturally like God intended. 

If you break your leg, do they send you to Rehab first? No, is the correct answer. 

     So, why do so many people go to the emergency medical doctors and they get sent to physical therapy. The best they could hope for do therapy before correcting the problems is getting the body to adapt to the pain, adapt to the distortion it causes in normal body motion walking and moving. It will NEVER stop the degeneration. Distortion not corrected always causes degeneration.

     If you have a building, like the leaning tower of piza, do you think it will only fall a little and stop? Or, is it going to continue to fall and speed up as time goes on. 

     Hint, they had to engineer anchors to keep the building from falling over. they could have corrected the buidling but it is a tourist attraction.

Guess What? Your falling knee or hip is not going to attract tourist, so you are not going to make any money letting it keep degerating.

Your spine is way more important that joints in the arms or legs.

The spine contains the spinal cord with all the nerves that are going to go to all your muscle and organs.


What do you think happens when degeneration starts affecting an organ? 

     Scientist have found that if you leave pressure or degeration on a nerve long enough, eventually it will develop disease in the organ. Then most people go to the emergency doctors and "here is your pills, here is your surgery".

What happens when you relieve the degeneration on the nerve going to the organ or muscles?  

     That is right, it starts working more like normal. This is the single most important reason people shoud find Chiropractors that are trained and practice Corrective Care addressing the whole person. Physical, Mental/Emotional, BioChemical aspects of the Human are vital to continued Health and Longevity.

     You see, we should not have to go to the nursing home, have strokes or heart attacks, we should not have digestive problems. We should be able to walk with balance, grace, smoothly moving like we ever did.  We should be as flexible in our 90s as we ever were, but the only reason it become Not True is when we get degeneration and don't know to take care of it or how to take care of it.

We call ourselves the Alternative Medicine Center but we are actually real medicine or original medicine because we don't use drugs or surgeries. Our Modern day Emergency Medicine is actually the Alternative Medicine. They excell in Emergency Medicine but Fail misserably at Health Care which is how every person takes care of their body. 

     You can't get Health from Doctors of Chiropractic or Medical Doctors. Only your body can give you Health and it can only do that when given what it needs to Heal Itself. 

     What you can do is get what your body needs when you have a doctor that works to supply you with the care you need whether it is emergency or Natural Health Care.  Here in lies the difficulty.

Do I go to the Medical Doctor or the Doctor of Chiropratic for my condition? lets make it easy!

  • Is your condition life threatenting? guts hanging out, broken bones, stabbed or shot, poisoned? Go to the emergency doctors so they can save your life if possible.

  • Is your condition life threatening but it will take weeks, months years before it eventually kills you? Go to a Whole Body, Mind, Chemistry doctor (note not all chiropractors or medical doctors are the same so it does matter where you go)

People usually get what they pay for! 

     Do you think you will get the best care from a doc in a box? You get symptoms, go to a doc in a box and get a prescription or get a quick adjustment. Again, these are temporary fixes. Do you want to keep taking aspirin for your headache or get rid of the cause so they don't keep coming back!

Some times Paliative Care, quick fixer upper, is all one can do but if we let that be the norm and never take care of the problem, do Problems usually get better or worse over time if you don't Find and Correct the Problem? Worse! right?



Guarantee: If we don't get significant change, we won't charge for the visit!

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