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New Patient Forms

     Call now to schedule an appointment. then click the link below to print the intake forms so you dont have to sit in the waiting room filling out papers and we can start your appointment on time. 

                                                                                    (806) 794-6252

     If you dont have a printer, no problem, you can come to your appointment a little earlier to fill our your papers. Either way is good. 

Print this page for instructions to fill out your forms and office location


     We are looking forward to seeing you and finding out what can be done to help you.


     Make sure you mark on the body pictures where you are having problems. put a star by the worst problem area.

On the symptoms sheet go thru and mark all the areas that you have problems in the Y(yes) column. Go back to all those marked yes and mark R-right, L-left, C-constant, I-infrequent, O-occasionally if they apply.

If you have questions about the forms, please call the office and we would be glad to help you.


What you can do to help the doctor:

  • bring a copy of any and all medical records for the last 5 years or longer, including any x-rays, MRI, Cat scans Ultrasound, etc.

  • a list of previous and current medications

  • list of all supplements

  • write a brief history of what may have caused or contributed to your problem, pain, loss of strength, balance or lost or losing the ability to do what you want to do, clear back to your childhood falling out of a tree kind of thing, auto (even fender benders-need dates MM/YY).


What to Expect:

     150$ due at check-in, that covers consultation, exam and first treatment.

When we make significant change, that means we can help you.  We get significant change or we won’t even charge you for the visit.  Who does that?

     First visit takes about ½ hours if you have your forms filled out completely before you arrive, so come a bit early so that we can make sure your forms are filled correctly. 😊

     This is a small excerpt of our available services information: Abnormal tissues- any unregulated or distorted tissues that may cause nerve, organ, brain, muscle disfunction or impairment or may appear abnormal. This may indicate a genetic expression away from normal and may be affected greatly by nutrition, enzymes, minerals but doesn’t seem to be affected by taking multiple vitamins, minerals and enzymes. This would indicate a digestive problem and immune system problem. Alternative medicine center is better than guessing and hoping it will help or that it will just go away or that “I’m just getting older and nothing can be done” or “I’m afraid they will want to give me drugs or surgeries and I don’t want to do that and I will put it off as long as I can”. In the meantime, they should decide to take back control of their health.

     At the Alternative Medicine Center, we teach our patients what they need to do, what they need to change and where to find it and keep it without drugs or surgeries. Doesn’t that sound great? Of course, nobody can promise to cure anything, even medical doctors can’t cure anything. Only the body can heal itself. If you give it what it needs



If you are going south on Slide Rd, go past 114th and before you get to F.M.1585 (130th street) you will see southwest style office buildings on your right/west and you will see.

                                                                 Dr. Gilbert Danforth

                                                                 AMC Chiropractic

                                                                 12402 Slide Rd. Suite 204

                                                                  Lubbock, Tx. 79424


If for any reason you can’t make your appointment, please call 806 794-6252 as soon as possible so we can reschedule that appointment. We’re usually booked out to six weeks and the schedule fills quickly. We also have times open up when someone has to reschedule so hopefully we will get you in really soon.


Some of the things we do at Alternative Medicine Center: acupuncture, total body modification, Natural Healing, Neuro-Emotional techniques, Nutrition body chemistry balance, Organ disfunctions, Naturopathic  treatments. We find what you need so your body can Heal Itself and you can get your life back again.



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