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Alternative Medicine

Alternative Medicine

The Alternative Medicine Center 
(AMC Clinic)

     Our Company is “The Alternative Medicine Center”. We have been in practice over 25 years successfully helping many people restore their Health and Functions without Drugs or Surgery as well as after Drugs and Surgeries (may be more difficult and take longer if you are on drugs or missing parts, but still a good chance we will be able to help.

Our Mission is to give the body what it needs so it can heal itself.  

     We look at the Human Frame to restore:

  • Hormones,

  • Joint Motion,

  • Break up Scar Tissue,

  • Adhesions,

  • restore Nervous Communications.


     Some of our patients Choose to change their lifestyle and diet because it has not been serving them and in many cases it is down right killing them. Causing them to suffer what the generations that went before them suffered: 

  1. Stoke,

  2. Heart attack,

  3. diabetes,

  4. cancer,

  5. autoimmune diseases


are all consequences of what our forefathers did before us and taught us to do and accept.


     For those who want to stop the generational curses we can show them how to prepare their food, best resources and choices so the main communications of the body, Nerves, Hormones and Organ Systems can Function Optimally giving People the Healthcare they Deserve.  They can teach their children and their childrens children to break the curses.

     All our activities are based in The Principles of God creating a Win-Win situation for the Clinic and the People. Dr. Danforth has been implementing these principles since before he became a Chiropractor and continues to look for and implement these Principles in all that we do. All principles are from God so if we don’t use the principles of Business, we won’t be in business very long.


     If we don’t use the Principles of How the Body Works, we won’t get Healthy Results and Solve the Origin of the Symptoms, the Real Problem. Covering over the symptoms instead of revealing the problem is like saying it is ok to lie to protect the truth. This is why we continue looking for the truth, because the truth will set you free.

The Alternative Medicine Center was created in August 1997 by Gilbert Danforth Doctor of Chiropractic. We have steadily grown from a 600 sf office to 1800-2400 sf facility so we can serve many people in our community and we have patients that come from surrounding states and long distances in Texas: Houston, Austin, DFW, Midland, Big Spring, Muleshoe and states like New Mexico, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Iowa, Colorado, California. We have not advertised in other states, it is just word of mouth.

Dr. Danforth is also an expert in the Functional Nervous System, and how DIET, ORGANS, STRUCTURE, ACUPUNCTURE affect your HEALTH:

DIET- the source and manner in which the food is prepared affects:

  • Hormones,

  • Organ communication,

  • Health,

  • Immune System Function,

  • Repair System,

  • Brain and Spinal Cord Repair and Activation,

  • Memory and Learning,

  • Restoration of Coordination and Control of Bodily Function.

The most important of these is Hormone Balance and Control.

     This affects digestion and when we give the body what it needs, preferably thru Fresh Natural Nutrition rather than tons of supplements, it can heal itself. Gut problems go away, Brain problems improve and sometimes disappear, Immune system problems change and can resolve back to normal in many cases.


      Behavior problems are also greatly affected by the Diet for:

  • Attention,

  • Focus,

  • Multitasking,

  • Tracking,

  • Organizing,

  • Understanding,

  • Big Picture and

  • the Fine Details,

  • Awareness,

  • Environment,

  • Consideration and

  • a whole host of Aspects of Learning,

  • Listening and Acquiring Knowledge and

  • Wisdom and taking into account how decisions affect others and themselves.


     Organs are the instruments that play together to form the orchestra and when they are in time and function, they produce beautiful music and life is good.

     We have two fronts that affect organs the most and that is Structure Of TheSpine and the central nervous system: Brain and Spine. they contain nerves that go to all the organs. and how Proper Diet and Preparation affects the hormones these organs produce, which is the music (or noise) the other organs are receiving and following to know the proper time to come in with their music.

     If one of these organs is off, it throws the whole system into adaptation, the body trying to play the music even though one is out of tune, out of timing or asleep. Adaptation takes energy and when we have TOO MUCH Adaptation and Compensation, the whole system starts to crash. We get Dis-Ease and unfortunately the majority of these symptoms are covered over. But the system is still not playing the music of life and now one is left waiting for something to fail, getting them into Emergency Medicine.

For Lack of instruction the people perish.

     Everything we do at The Alternative Medicine Center is to help YOU avoid and prevent the need for emergency medicine.

     Question: Is it a good idea to go to Emergency Medicine when you don’t have an emergency? Here in lies the problem, when people don’t know what is ‘an emergency’ and they are told to “go to the doctor” but they don’t really know what doctor to go to because they have not been given the full disclosure to know what Health Care is and What Emergency Care is and where and who to get it from, people often make mistakes.  


     The Alternative Medicine Center gives people control over their Health thru education and application of principles, so you don’t have to wait till you are in emergency and end up in the Hospital. Isn’t the Hospital where people go in Emergency? If you don’t want to end up in the Hospital, you need Real Health Care and that is what we want for all our patients.  


What if you already had an emergency, ended up in the Hospital and now you have gotten out?


     Are you Healthy? I seriously doubt it. Emergency Medicine is meant to save your life, but it is not restoring your health, preventing disease, restoring healthy function. It restores enough function so that you have time. 


     If you are willing to find what you need to restore your health and prevent more emergency situations, then you have used your time wisely. If not, you can look forward to more health problems and more emergencies and Hospital stays.


     And you might say "well I have insurance and that will pay for it". The purpose of Insurance is Emergency Medicine. Yes many policies include some doctor visits and some even include some chiropractic if it is muscle, ligament, tendon, joint problems but these are only a fraction of what Chiropractic is and was meant to do for Peoples Health.


     Not all Doctors are equal and just like in medical doctors having areas they function in, Doctors of Chiropractic can have areas they function in that most Chiropractors don’t and for many reasons.

     A medical doctor may treat diabetics, cancer, heart, surgeries but one Medical Doctor does not treat all these conditions. It is exactly the same in Chiropractic. We do different things. You may hear someone say “I tried chiropractic, it didn’t work for me” but you don’t hear people saying:

"I went to a medical doctor, and it didn’t work for me so I don’t go to medical doctors"

they just go to a different doctor, right?  Do you know how to prevent stroke or heart attack? Hospitals don’t teach you how you got the way you did, they just rely on pharmaceuticals to cover the symptoms till you get into emergency again.

     Medical school doesn’t have time to teach prevention and they don’t have anything set up to teach preventive medicine or functional physiology. They have made a few strides in that direction, they can take a course in acupuncture or nutrition but still you would be hard pressed to find a medical doctor that uses acupuncture or nutrition. Of course they hope you won’t get into emergency again but they have not been trained in prevention and like so many chiropractors it would take too much time, energy and money to learn and teach their patients to prevent disease.

     They just give broad advise like “eat healthy, exercise and drink 8 glasses of water a day” and hope you can figure it out. Emergency Medicine is what they are trained to do and we are very grateful that they do this because it can save our lives and give us Time. What we do with that time is up to the individual and up to Doctors, like the ones at The Alternative Medicine Center who have dedicated their lives to finding the cause of the problems and the solutions to give the body what it needs so it can heal itself and give you Health.

      So, that is what Health Care is both before Emergency where it is much easier to restore health when you have all your parts than it is after surgery and drugs, but also after the Emergency, when the body is still not healthy and may be lacking what it needs to heal itself.

     Its like the difference in fixing a pinhole leak in your roof before it damages the inside of the house, the walls, ceiling, frame before the roof caves in and emergency repairs are needed that cost 10s if not 100s of thousands of dollars to repair that house you live in 24 hours a day. And if we repair the walls, ceiling, frame but don’t fix the pinhole leak, what will happen? Exactly, it will build up the damage over time again and that is what we see so often when people don’t restore their health and fix the pinhole leak in the roof.

     We don’t live in a dead house but a living, repairing, a replacing/self replicating house that can fix most if not all the damage that was built up over time. Like Chronic degeneration, chronic pain, chronic conditions. If you have TIME, you have a CHANCE!


     This means it can repair the house better than the contract laborer that uses the cheapest material, fastest workers, the minimal standard of work and even if they used the highest standard of work and materials, it would not compare to what the body can do if it has time and everything it needs to heal itself. Make sense?


     All the joints in the body should function without pain and have full range of motion for all our lives. We should never need knee or hip replacement and when that motion decreases and degeneration grows, it is usually due to injury or an accumulation of injuries over time that were never taken care of, never given what the body needed to heal itself sufficiently and so often, people just think “guess I’m just getting old, or that is just the way it is going to be from now on”.  


     GOOD NEWS it doesn’t have to be that way because restoring health to your muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints is possible and restoration to normal, depends on the extent of the damage and what the person is willing to do for themselves in learning how to Take Care of Their Health. Now you can take back control of your health. And know where to go to get that help when you need it.

     Let me ask you this: If you get a broken arm, do you go to rehab first? I should hope not. I don’t think that is what they were talking about when they said “no pain, no gain” right? The point is, there is an order of doing things to get the best results.

     If you are mixing up a cake on Tuesday and your friend calls and invites you to go do something you really want to do, can you just set the mixture for the cake aside and wait until Wednesday to put it in the oven to bake? Sure, you could, but will it turn out to be a cake like you wanted? Or would the leaven go flat and not turn out nice and fluffy? You are going to get a flat cake, right?


     How often do I get people coming in and their doctor sent them to rehab first before correcting anything?  They didn't know what else to do! "We are going to send you to rehab and see if that helps." All it is doing is giving the body time to compensate and adapt to the problem so you are out of pain but it is not functioning normally, it cannot heal till it has all that it needs. If it never gets to that point, it will never heal!

     Chronic conditions are because the body never got what it needed to complete the healing process and return to normal. IT DOES NOT HAVE TO STAY THAT WAY !!!!

     There is a big disconnect here people and even Doctors don’t realize what is happening. See, your body can adapt: 

  • it can adapt to pain,

  • adapt to imbalance,

  • adapt to walking funny,

  • adapt to weakness


     Because your body is trying to protect you and make it so you can get away from the lions, tigers and bears. Adaptation gets you out of pain, but doesn't mean you are healthy or healed. It is not back to normal! 


     Compensation is a distortion to counter the imbalance in structure or function. It take energy, even just sitting or lying down. It is also stressful and after long periods of stress, the Adrenal Stress Adaptation System becomes deficient and then we can't get enough rest, we are always tired, endurance falls way short and tendency is to think "I'm must be getting old". 


     It is in adaptation or compensation but when you actually correct a problem causing the symptoms, then the last thing you do is rehab, you come out of compensation and adaptation, you go into HEALING and HEALTH. You get your energy back and your endurance goes back up like it used to be.  This is how we know it is not an aging problem! 


     That is the kind of work we do at The Alternative Medicine Center.


Give the Body What it Needs To Heal Itself because nobody can heal a body,

even Medical Doctors can’t Heal anything.




     Do we have a deficiency of drugs or surgeries? NO, that is for Emergencies and it is supposed to be temporary so the body can heals itself.











     How many people do you know that get on drugs or continue to take them the rest of their lives?

     How many medications can you think of that people, once they get on them, the doctor never takes them off?

     So let me ask you this: if you give the body what it needs to clear the clogged arteries (hint: it is not a pharmaceutical) and your blood pressure goes to normal, do you still need the Blood Pressure medication?

     We work with some Medical doctors that prescribe these medications to help you get off or greatly reduce the need for medications. But ultimately it is the patients choice to take or not to take a medication prescribed by the doctor.


     Sometimes it is because patients can’t afford to buy the drugs, sometimes they just don’t want to take them and quit. We have a different experience here in that many times they don’t need them any more at some point or they are able to reduce the medications as they continue taking action to restore their health Naturally.

     Hopefully along this journey you have picked up on the difference between Health Care and Emergency Medicine and that they work together and I certainly Hope we can work with you if you should choose to Travel on the Road to Health.


There are only two ways to learn:

1. Mentors or

2. Mistakes #Ignorance #the hard way #school of hard knocks.


     Choose Mentors/Guides/and sometime Sherpas when you are looking at Mt. Everest. We love a challenge.

As Thomas Edison said: “The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease. ~ ”


Call Now!

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

GUARANTEE: If we don't get significant change, we won't even charge for the visit. Can't beat that, right?



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