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3 Reasons to see a Chiropractor for Difficulty Breathing


1. There is a Link between your Nervous System and Your Respiratory System and Immune system directly affected by what you do and don't eat and some times it is coming from the spine or other related areas.

Airtight, super-insulated homes can trap chemicals, molds, formaldehyde and other irritants. Even the increasing use of cesarean births, antibiotics and our fascination with germ killing have been cited.

If these factors were the only issue, why wouldn’t all children living in the same house and breathing the same air, suffer equally? 

It is the Body NOT Functioning properly and inhalers have never corrected the problem, otherwise you would be able to get off them, right?

2. The Chiropractic Connection – Finding the problem is key to change!

If it were simple, every chiropractor could do it. There is always a pattern and combination of problems causing the difficult breathing, for the cost of a few emergency room visits, you may get your body and immune system working properly. Of you can continue going to the emergency room and taking medications. even if it only reduced the meds and emergency room visits, it would be worth the effort to find your key.

3. Research on the Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Asthma

Research published in the Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research documented the results experienced by 81 children with asthma who saw a chiropractor for asthma and received chiropractic care. The two-month study revealed that those under care saw a 45% decrease in the number of “attacks” and that 31% of the subjects voluntarily chose to decrease their medication.

Here are some additional research articles that explain how a chiropractor treating Difficult Breathing  helps improve patient’s lives.

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Chiropractic care may help reduce the frequency and severity of attacks. Naturally, we can’t make any promises, even medical doctors cant promise anything. If we don't get significant change, we won'd charge for the visit. Who does that?

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