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     Digestion begins in the eyes and nose and even the thoughts of eating. We start preparing for digestion before we even start eating. Salivation, gastric juices, bile and all the chemical processes envolved in Digestion begin the minute we decide to eat. And if you go too long without eating, the system lets you know its time to eat.

     Did you know most of the time you feel hungry, it is actually thirst? 

     Your body is speaking to you all the time but most people don't understand what it is saying and tend to override when it is telling to you get up and move around, stop over eating, stop drinking too much alcohol. and other times the body is not aware there is a problem due to neuropathy.


     Like most organs, the liver has many functions. the most comonly associated ones are detoxification, production of Bile and Cholesterol. The Liver gets a bad rap because of all the Cholesterol drugs, but the Liver is only doing its job supplying Cholesterol on Demand from other organ systems. we use Cholesterol to produce the Reproductive Hormones that affect the reproductive system, digestive system, immune system and others. When he have high production of Cholesterol, it means we are not converting the Cholesterol to the Hormones we need so we become Hormone dificient. when we lower the Cholesterol Artificially, we are lowing the production of the hormones the body is trying to produce and thus the side effect of Neuropathy, alzheimers, diabetes.

   The Liver also detoxifies our food supply so it can circulate thruout the body when Bile is working properly. When Bile is Activated, we can deliver food  to the cells and poisons/toxins to the liver for detoxification. (detoxification allows waste to pass out of the body without causing harm, damage or making us feel sick.) When Bile is not Activated sufficiently we begin our journey to malnutrition. Who would have thought the United State of America could have malnutrition? in fact we don't rank any where near the top of healthiest nations in the world. There are 3rd world countries that rank higher than we do even tho we have "the best health care system in the world". In fact we have the best Emergency Health Care System in the world.


     Bile is produced in the Liver and stored in the bile ducts and gallbladder. when they remove a Gallbladder, they are removing the pouch but you still have a Gallbladder and thru adaptation, you don't need to take anything special after the surgery. 

     The Gallbladder gets a bad rap because it tends to catch stones and sand blocking the effective delivery of bile into the digestive system. again on the road to malnutrition. Lack of this one solution is the main reason for gallbladder issues and once restored, sees the gallbladder function return. 

     The Bile dispurses fat so it can be absorbed and activated bile attaches to food and takes it across the gut to run thru the immune system, liver and finally into the blood stream for delivery. the food is tagged because the brain detects the nutrient and the body makes tags that tells where the nutrient is to come out of circulation. If the liver needs B6, for example, but the kidneys need it more or you are going to die, if there was no system directing where nutrition is most needed, we would all die because the liver got all the B6 it wanted and there was not enought for the kidney. kidney failure.


     Pancreas produces digestive enzymes that are mixed with the Bile thru the common bile duct as it passes into the small intestine creating an alkaline solution just after the stomach. The other side of the pancreas produces Insuline (see diet).

     There are common enzymes people have heard about but there are hundreds of enzymes required for thousands of chemical processes and when we become dificient in these enzymes, we get degenerative diseases. (see autoimmune system).

     The pH of the stomach must get down to 2-5 for activating the gallbladder and pancreas. so taking a proton pump inhibitor stops proper digestion and opens a person up to infection, poisons, toxins, malnutition and decliing health.

     The pH of the gut must be 12-14 for proper protection and digestion. The Colon must produce B12 and Instrinsic factor in order to produce the HCL hydrochloric acid for the stomach. taking antibiotics can decline the Colon production and cycle down into colon disease. many of these problems are idiopathic. 


     Basically we have a tube running thru the body and lost of stuff happens in between.

     There is an orchestra of Organs and tissues involved in Organ Problems and Digestive Problems and we have to find the ones that are out of timing, tuning/resonnance (communication), have fallen asleep or are lost and need help finding their way back to the music.

      When we treat the whole person, we look for the missing parts, information (sysmptoms) that are the trail that leads to the problem. once on the trail we can go towards the head of the trail, the origin, and find where the body got off the track. Once you are back in the groove, the music can play again and your joy in life can return.

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