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I quit exercising because all my friends that exercised all the time, died.

We actually need just a little exercise but we don't need stressfull heavy exercise to get healthy. We need just enough to get the blood flowing, breathing increased but not so much you can't hold a conversation. Could be something simple like walking 30 minutes a day. But Exercise alone will not reverse heart disease, circulatory disease. It must be accompanied by changes in the mind and diet.


The CDC also states that with high blood pressure, there's a great risk of other dangerous conditions:

  • First heart attack: 70 percent of adults who have a first heart attack have high blood pressure

  • First stroke: 80 percent of adults who have their first stroke have high blood pressure

  • Chronic heart failure: 70 percent of adults with chronic heart failure have high blood pressure

  • Kidney failure: High blood pressure is the second leading cause of kidney failure 


Treatment: We Do Not Treat High Blood Pressure!!!

That is only the symptom!

We treat the whole person, otherwise there is only a little help.

     I have asked countless patient "did they tell you why you have high blood pressure?" they just look at me with that sad look in their eyes and say "NO"

     When your health is declining due to the "typical American Diet" they just put you on pills. tell a bunch of stuff to stop doing like smoking and drinking etc. NONE of that stuff will correct the circulatory problems, including placqued arteries and there is only one way to correct it.

     Knowing how to change the diet to reverse heart disease

and aging is a KEY to restoring your health.


Dr. Sears A PHD in Biochemistry from MIT discovered how to reverse heart disease and Raise HDL and Lower Trygerides so people don't have to suffer stroke and heart attack.

     I started training with Dr. Berry Sears in 1997.  He was highly motivated since all the men in his family died in their 50s and he was fast approaching that mark. He will be 76 in june of 2023.  He taught me fatty acid therapies, how to balance the diet, foods to avoid so my patients have enjoyed the fruits of my labor and training for nearly 25 years.

     It is not as simple as taking blood pressure, diagnosing it and writing a script.


Writing a script has never restored health!


The body is the only thing that can heal itself when it has everything it needs.

     That may be affected by acupuncture, adjusting the spine, changing the stressfull environment but the number one cause of the disease is the American Diet, FDA, GOVERNMENT REGULATORY AGENCIES THAT ARE SUPPOSED TO PROTECT PEOPLE BUT HAVE FAILED MISSERABLY.

    Commercials are a contributing factor in the obesity of all Americans including the children. Let them make their own breakfast so they are bouncing off the walls with add/adhd at school. And we know becuase the schools have diagnosed these children (practicing medicine without a license) and called for them to be drugged. We have created a stress environment so they will eat lots of sweets and drink lots of soda. We have children dying from strokes and heart attacks.

     So what are the kids being taught in school. I don't remember the last time Schools taught student what they need to thrive in society. they teach them to take test and get participation prizes and how to be offended and protest in school.

     Parents think they can't teach because they don't have a degree in teaching. They are sorely mistaken and America is paying the price and the generational curses are building up.

There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end is destruction.

The people perish for lack of instruction.

Forget about it. Just take your meds and keep eating and living the way you have been.


     Of course that is crazy, right? Doing the same thing, covering the symptoms expecting to get a different result?


     For the smart ones out there who want to know what to do so you can live! Come and learn. They don't teach this in schools or in movies or even youtube. There is tons of information out there but like a violin in the right hands creates beautiful music, so too is this information.


Come see the Maestro!

     I have been treating people with circulatory problems for over 25 years. every patient is different, with different circumstances and backgrounds.

     It takes time to learn what to do and time to impliment what each person needs to overcome all the obstacles along the way so that when we are through, the patient will have learned the principles that can brake the generational curses we have lived under and they are able to teach their children and childrens children. (Breaking the generational curses)

     Breaking Curses requires following Instructions. The People perish for lack of instruction.

     This is Truly Generation Wealth that leads back to Health.

Invest Now!

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