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We Have Good Bacteria, Virus And Fungus Whose Poisons and Toxins don't Make Us Sick

     There are normal gut bacteria and they occupy niches along the digestive system. When we get the wrong bacteria usually from taking chemicals that affect our good bacteria, we get infected with bad bacteria that produce poisons and toxins that make us sick. 

    We can also get bacteria that change how our body functions. When we have good gut bacteria, we produce B12 and Instrinsic factor in the large intestine and we must have these to produce the proper stomach acid. How many people are taking antacids? most of them have gut "disbiosis" also known as the wrong bacteria in the gut. This starts a cascade of reactions leading to poor health and deficiencies even if we have good food available. 

     The Gut Bacteria are assaulted when we eat overprocessed food and chemically filled foods. The is the reason we are the fattest nation on the planet.

     It is mostly Inflamation, caused by an unhealthy gut, causing retention of fluids.

Get rid of the inflamation and you get rid of the fluids, so your weight can drop much faster than losing fat.

Virus are Produced from Degeneration but they are produced as part of the Herd Immune Function too.

     When people are introduced to new poisons and toxins, the immune system reacts thru a cascade of functions so that the next time we are exposed to the toxin, our body can efficiently take out the toxin so it doesn't over come us all, our body produces the virus armed with Proteins designed to illicit an immune response. Then the herd is exposed to the virus causing the immune response building Herd Immunity. But for the herd, there is yet an undetermined communication between immune systems that seems to be extrasensory in nature because herd immunity is reached when only a small portion of the population go thru the immune response and somehow the whole herd is now immune.          Political Science Fiction would have us believe herd immunity comes from a vaccination, fascist would say this statement is false and should be banned because someone might think and reason and use thier first amendment protected free speech to provoke thought. they would also say we shoud not say things to avoid offending anyone. Being offended is a choice. nobody can make you be offended. We can choose to let offenses roll, like water off a ducks back.

I set before you Life and Death. Choose life!

     Of course there are always exceptions. The weak and frail may still get sick and some of them will die if left untreated and many will still die no matter what the treatment. Such is Life. In nature, this would be culling the herd of weakness, insuring we don’t keep propagating weakness into the population which could lead to an actual pandemic wiping out a very large portion of the population.

This is why we don’t have Pandemics. A Pandemic is a political fascist tyrannical term to strike fear in the people to get them to take poisons and toxins created in the laboratory to cause things like infertility and death but the hope that it will protect the people from death and disease. Only a strong Immune System can do that.

Is there any Health in Drugs, or does Health come from whole natural foods and the body healing itself?

But the fear is the desired outcome so people are willing to give up their Natural Rights which means more power for them.


Our fight is not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, powers and rulers of darkness.

True Science does not need to lie or manipulate or cause fear. What is science but logical thinking. What is politics, but manipulation of facts and evidence to gain power, position and tools to wield against the people.

Love and Hate Affect the Immune System

     This is where science has a difficulty because we cannot measure Love and Hate directly but only the side effects of them. Fascist want to condemn people that don’t conform to their distorted world. Distortion causes separation, anxiety and produces fear.

     On the other hand, get rid of fascism and celebrate people and we will have neighbors, friends, family. We have a community. Community gives us pride in taking care of People in our World and knowing there are people that will take care of us when we need it.

     Security is one of the parts we need for a healthy immune system. Make sense?

What happens when we are celebrated? People appreciate what your strengths and weakness are because together we are strong. Division makes us weak and vulnerable.           Celebration! Do you think of people smiling and laughing? Having fun? This is another KEY to a strong immune system, Laughter!

     We make healing fun. Always seize any opportunity to laugh. Corny jokes are great to laugh at and enjoy in any company. We never have to judge if a corny joke is funny, just laugh. Even if we are laughing because it is so dumb.

You want to hear a dirty joke?

A cow fell in the mud.

Want to hear a clean joke?

Cow got washed off.

That is some funny stuff right there, I don’t care who you are. 😊

Laughter is healing to the bones and we practice it every chance we get.

Belief or faith is another important part of a strong Immune System.

If you believe you can’t get healthy, you are right.

As a man thinketh, so he is.

     It is not about having so much faith that you are instantly healed. That would be a waste if we could instantly heal but keep doing the things that caused us to need a miracle in the first place. Healing is doing what the body needs so it can heal itself. A miracle is what is needed when we refuse to follow the instructions till it is maybe too late. Thank God for Grace. May He give you enough grace/time to change your mind and get healthy.

     What we speak, comes towards us. And what we write down, comes to pass.


Here we have a thought and out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. And we have action by writing it down or planning and implementing it. Faith without Works is dead. So now we think, we see, we get instructions, we do those instructions (planting the seeds that produce life) and we get results. Health. This is Faith.

     Health is about doing the Principles that produce the fruit we desire. Pullin up the weeds that are crowding out the plants by changing those instructions we thought were good or normal and replacing them with the truth that sets us free from disease and degeneration.

     We will always have degeneration but we don’t have to let it overtake us till we are very old if we follow the principles.

     Principle are learned thru instruction and the fruit of our labor reveals the seeds we planted or were planted for us. When we determine that the seed we planted was a weed seed, we can now look at the seed and avoid planting it. We can also look at various seeds and know what will be produced when we plant it, in its time and season.

     Our lives are like a garden, we reap what we sow. If we find we have planted lots of weeds, we can pull all the weeds and replace them with good plants and that works at any age. This is called forgiveness and repentance or moving on in the right direction once we are aware we went the wrong way.

     We look at our children and see what they have planted, we correct them sometimes with pain (motivates us to move away from percieved bad action) and when they are old enough, with reason. But always with teaching and loving guidance.

When we love our plants, they grow big and strong. When we hate our plants, they wither and die. So choose to love your plants, love your body, love your children and community.

Love your neighbor as yourself self

Do to others what you would have to do to/for you

     The Last Thing We Need For A Healthy Immune System Is Making The Choice To Take Action.

     We have to love ourselves enough to take action to get healthy.

     Do problems usually get better or worse over time if we do anything to change?

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