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Trigger Points

Finding The Cause
There are two main causes of pain points near joints. 

  1. Injury to a muscle or nerve

  2. Organs like the gallbladder

     Injury causes damage and scar tissue, this tends to be localized to one area but when it occurs in multiple areas it is not usually due to direct injury but rather may be due to injury of nerves that go to an area. this may be located any where along the nerve, the spinal cord or the brain.

Injury can be Physical, mental/emotional, Biochemical or a combination.

  • Phisical trauma causing damage to the tissues, especially the nerves, can refer pain to other locations

  • Mental/Emotional: Trauma creates a mechanism of protection contracting some muscle and relaxing others. a pattern is set up and can be triggered causing physical stress.

  • Biochemical: ties into diet and may be associated with the chemicals, dyes and certain foods in the diet. some foods make the pain points worse so pain gets better and worse at different times.


     Massage makes temporary relief, so it is not fixing the problem. A simple Adjustment to the spine may relieve triggerpoints and then the ones that are left tend to be physically tied to the area due to injury. In that case we would need to break up scar tissue and may need to address the diet so the repair system works properly. Scars are supposed to be temporary but conditions may impede normal healing. Find the block, give the body what it needs and the trigger points go away and don't keep coming back.

What does the GallBladder Do to the Body?

GallBladder controls joints. many knee pains are from malfunctioning GallBladders. There are scientific mechanism that can explain why that is the case but that doesn't help you if your knees hurt, right?

If it were simple, everyone would be doing it.

Finding the Cause, Effect and Solution to any Health Problem is a Danting Task when one has not been trained. Then even if you have training, it might not be the best for getting the body to heal. If it were so, Medical Doctors would be offering Health Care instead of Emergency Care. We wouldn't need Giant Hospitals at Multiple Locations. We would be the Healthiest Nation in the World. There are 11 other countries that have better health care systems but none including the USA create better health. 

There is no health in drugs and surgeries. They Only cover symptoms or stablilize Emergencies and many don't even do that.

What is the Solutions? 


     Medical Health Care System is So Specialized they can't see the forest for the trees. Function of each tree, herb, rhizome, fungus, bacteria, virus, mineral, every single component works together to create the environment necessary for the Biome to work and continue for thousands or even millions of years. Guess What, the Whole thing had to be created at one time other wise it is impossible to build one component at a time because it is a system of interdependence. Creation is not simple addition 1+1=2 2+1=3 but rather Multiplication 12x12=144. Even the fossil record shows sudden changes in life. It doesnt' show DNA created by Ligtning in a muck progresses to single celled organisms and not progression to animals and last but not least Humans did not assend from apes. The Bible says God created Everything in Six Days. He did not create man till the sixth day. The science and natural record show species suddenly appearing. anybody believing the religion of Evolution has been indoctrinated, like a vaccine, and their biggest ally is "over millions of years..." because "anything could happen over time", right? That statement would have you believe everything is random and by accident. again science does NOT support that, at all.

Does any organ system in the body work independently of all the other organs?

     Almost all the organs in the body are required just to live. there are very few parts that can be removed and continue living. sure we can remove part of the gallbladder, tonsils, spleen, appendix and continue living and the body adapts and continues but is it functioning efficiencly?  

Adaptation costs ENERGY!

     The Brightest light burns half as long. Did you know there is an Edison Light Bulb that is still burning today? it is not very bright and it was created without a leak rate as our more modern models do. They make them all burn out about the same time by design so you will need to buy more lightbulbs and the bulb industry can remain in business, or so they say. in all actuallity it is about money and wanting to make more money than they should. We have engineered obsolescence, your car parts start failing right after the warrantee runs out. Make Sense?


     We can take any organ system out of the body, study it to death and have NO clue how it affects all the other organs, muscle, bones, tissues, nerves, biochemistry.  It all had to be created at one time, on purpose. 

Do you want to go to a specialist? sounds good and "special" right?

     I would want my doctor to know how the whole body works together to keep a healthy, self healing, reproductive, dynamic, Human Being that doens't need to cover over symptoms, replace joints, doesn't need to spend their golden years in a nursing home because The Doctor of The Future Concerns himself with the Human Frame and Food (Real Food) is his medicine.

Knowing the Cause and Effect and What to Do to Give The Body What IT needs to function is the doctor of the future.

Insurance destroys this concept by limiting what doctors get paid to do. If we have doctors actually helping their patient instead of biding their time till emergency, the hospitals would be small. But if we create more emergencies, we can grow a big pharmacy and Hospital industry.

Let me Ask You this! Would you Rather go to a Hospital Industry or a Health Care Facility that is concerned about the Human Frame and where Natural Whole Food is the Medicine?

     That is what Chiropractic was designed to do and practiced until around the 1980's when the Insurance companies, Controled by the AMA who sees Chiropractic as it was practiced since the 1890s, started attracting Chiropractors to get paid by insurance.
     Instead of chiropractors diagnosing Asthma, Irritable Bowel, Infertility, diabetes, autoimmune disease, allergies, cancer, to name a few, and then treating the way Chiropractors would treat, giving the body what it needs, they told them if you want to get paid, you have to diagnose Muscle, Ligament, Tendon, Joint or you won't get paid because Medical Protocol for all these "diseases" the AMA Named, doesn't include Chiropractic treatments and all the things Chiropractors used to do, and Some still do.
     Because they love their patients, families, communities and country, Doctors continueing to practice the tried and true methods developed over the past 130+ years, we are still offering true health care. Insurance almost guarantees you will get the INDUSTRIAL TREATMENT instead of Health Care where "Give the Body What it Needs, and it will Heal Itself" was the foundation of Chiropractic Care. This is the Reason I became a Chiropractor, I am not an Industial Chiropractor. Not so I could file Insurance, be an industrial chiropractor, but to really help people live.
      You see We are Supposed to Live a Long, Active, Productive Life.  Industry hates that because it limits the amount of money it can produce for Insurance, AMA, Hospitals and Stock Holders. I'm sure they would say it is nothing personal, Just Business. But I believe to not do the right thing is missing the mark. To call the wrong thing, "the right thing" also misses the mark. but to keep the people ignorant, i think is criminal. The Thief comes in the darkness and wants to hide the light of truth.
The Industrial Chiropractor takes insurance and signs a contract that they will do the least care possible, patch you up and get you out the door, because that is what insurance pays. If you give them what they need, it is not paid  and if you do those things and charge insurance as though you did only muscle, ligament, tendon, joint, it is called insurance fraud and they have hired companies to audit these industrial chiropractors to get money back from them. they go after the multimillion dollar practices and get a percentage of money collected. There is alway a money scheme with industry. That is why it is called a "Health Care System" and Claim to be "Health Care". This is how Industry turns out the lights to work under cover of darkness. The love of money and Power corrupts absolutely and is the downfall of all man's nations. We must fight against the dying of the light.

Ignorance may deride it, malice may attack it, but in the end, the truth shall prevail.

Now back to our regularly scheduled program.

There are other organ problems that can cause muscle and trigger point pain. 

     All your organs refer their problems to specific muscles. When an organ has a problem it turns those muscle off. Then you get a twist in the muscle, tendonitis, fasciitis and pain. Untwisting the muscle is temporary because the organ involved is still in trouble.

Common Organ to muscle problems. Somato Somato Reflexes

     Gallbladder referes to the right subscapularis muscle. feels like a dull achy pain under the right shoulder blade. With proper Chiropractic Alternative Medicine Care, the organ function can return and the muscle turns back on. But a Turned Off Muscle tends to indicate there is a problem, like when the "check engine light" come on. It doesn't tell you what is wrong but only that there is something that needs to be taken care of, Understandable?

     Heart attack causes pain in the the arm. (Universal sign.) They suddenly grab their arm and start to go down with an odd look on their face. (Often portrayed on TV .) The best thing to do is Prevention. Finding the early signs is lucky because 50% of the time, the first symptom is the last symptom they will ever have. If you have a history of Stroke and Heart attack in your family, don't wait till you may have your first and last symptom.

     Taking drugs doesn't prevent anything so don't be fooled thinking taking a cholesterol drug will keep you from having stroke or heartattack. Anyone that has a stroke or heart attack has been giving the body what it requires to fail into stroke and heart attack. But anyone that changes the reasons for stroke and heartattack can prevent it all together. Also, anyone that has suffered a stoke or heart attack can change the reason they had it and prevent another. So your day may be longer on the Earth.

We do often treat people post stroke, post heart attack because the cause has never been addressed by the Industry. it's just "here is your drugs, here is your surgeries" and wait till they have another stroke or heart attack. Have you ever seen people have just one stroke or one heart attack? They are just waiting to have another that will kill them. That is a shame.

     Some indicators are high blood pressure, dizziness, breathing difficulties, obesety, diabetes. The only cure is to change the diet and get the nutrients required for a healthy circulatory system. These are Master Keys.

Finding the Cause of Problems is one of our Keys to Success. The treatment is another key finding what treatments specific to your problems are needed. One size does not fit all! One key doesn't unlock all the locks. a masterkey is not ONE KEY. A masterkey is when the master finds the keys for the right locks and the system works again.

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