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THE ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE CENTER: Mind Code Work- reprogramming the body for peak adaptability

Most of the time your body is running automatically on subconscious programs. The programs are both natural (born with them) and learned (after you were born into the outside environement).

Not all learned programs get set up to help you or protect you!

If you have an un-natural fear of anything, you have programs working against you!

Subconcious Programs are EASY to change if you know how.

Have you ever tried to change an activity or response that you don't like but it seems you get triggered and react any way?

These are subconsious programs working against you.

We use a series of acupuncture points along with reference points of trauma, stress, injuries, to quickly change the program without Hypnosis or Magic.

This works well for post tramatic stress symptoms and triggers.

Lightening fast for fears, phobias, psycotic reactions.

RELATIONSHIPS ARE PART ACTIVE AND PART AUTOMATIC- You may automatically respond to "I love you" with "i love you too" without thinking about it. It is an autmatic resonse.

You may feel like your head is going to explode and you are greeted by almost anybody with "Hi, how are you?" and you resond "fine thanks, I'm doing good!"

"How's the family?" oh, "they are doing great!" even tho one is sick in bed, one is in the hospital, one is angry at the world, one is getting divorced, one lost a baby. Because it is a conditioned response, a subconscious program.

Some times it is good to have a conditioned response. not everybody needs to know your business.

If somebody had done you wrong and every time you see them or hear their name you think of what they did and hackles come up on the back of your neck even tho it has been years and both you and them have changed, the program comes up and it is as tho you have traveled in time back to the experience.

Unforgiveness - keeps turmoil in the body causing digestive issue for some, depression for another, eating disorders, anxiety, fear, anger, frustration, hatered, and it takes a lot of work to keep all that going in the body. Then it starts to break down into Cancer, schitzophrenia, Diabetes, Heart Disease, autoimmune disease... Notice it may not cause it directly but it is and can be a major contributor to all kinds of illness and disease. How does that affect relationships!

Forgiveness- is about one person. It is never about the other person. You can have unforgiveness and it doesn't affect the other person one bit, it doesn't harm them, doesn't take away sleep, it doesn't give them fear or cause them to get stuck in life.

It is all about you and what it does to the person holding the unforgiveness in their body. Saying a prayer and saying "i forgive that person", is not always true. Most often they have not forgiven the person and keep holding it in their body.

When you truly forgive someone, it releases tension and stress held in the body. This gives you some measure of freedom. Unforgiveness ties the person down, so Forgiveness frees the person up!

One of the greatest gifts God gave man is the power to forgive your neighbor and power to fogive yourself.

If you don't forgive yourself, you are tying yourself down, staying stuck and really you are living in death. Forgiveness raises the dead so they can live again.

They can have a great outlook on life, be creative, move forward, have relationships again. They don't have to punish themselve like taking drugs or alcohol. There is no forgiveness or solution in those. It is a cry for help, they need relief but don't know how or what to do to change it.

Forgiveness and Unforgiveness are subconscious programs and they are unique to Man kind. We are the only animal that worries, frets, holds grudges, hates, lies, cheats, steals, wallows in self pity.... the rest of the animals have fear and joy. That is it. They almost get hit by a car, they don't go off thinking about it, they just get out of danger and shake it off then go back to living.

Are you stuck in the dead zone, wishing you could shake it off? Now you can! Call for an appointment today 806 794-6252 lets see what can be done.

UN-NATURAL RESPONSES- There are cases of Multiple personality effects and the health and function of the body changes with each persona. One needs coke bottle classes to see yet in the same body another persona needs no glasses and sees perfectly fine.

These types of effects are expressed in the body by programs and the body adapts the function and even the appearance of the face changes. recognizing different personas by facial expressions, voice tones and pronunciations.

As you can see and understand the programs can greatly affect how the body is functioning. Immune function, digestion, fertility, sexuality. All affected by environments that each persona has developed to adapt, cope or cover the stuff they don't know how to deal with.

One needs glasses because they don't want to see what they saw.

Another needs hearing aids because they don't want to hear what they heard.

Another wants to die and develops cancer, heart disease, depression....

All these things controle and color the world. They affect our perceptions caused by the environment we experience. The person creates programs to get thru and continue forward in a direction either good or bad.

It is a maladaptation under extreme situations. Most people are not this bad but still we are greatly affected by the programs that run our world or in this case, worlds.

So, What if You Could Change The Subconscious Programs?

Programs open doors of posibility when they are working for you. Allowing one to take action, notice what is not working, change/adapt getting it to work better and better. Perfecting, mastering the path that is taking them into the future.

If we have bad programs working against us we often get stuck and wonder why we can't move or change.

When those programs are replaced so you are not inhibited by un-natural fear, the doors open and you walk thru excited about change. Ready to take on any challenge that is coming, knowing that what the world may see as crisis, you can see it as opportunity for advancement, a challenge to be overcome.

Graduating to the next Season in your Life, the Next Level. Enjoying the adversity knowing that making mistake, error and wrong choices as fast as you can, allows you to correct the mistakes, error and omissions. Adapt and overcome!

Good programs allow you to sleep well, make new friends, love your mate forever growing, share abundance with your community and family.

Good programs allow one to help others to achieve greatness. Allows us to be forgiving and forgiven. Allows us to be humble because we don't need to be boastful.

Good programs allow us to be Holy, set aside. A treasure.

Good programs allow us to teach our children and childrens children the way they should go and do, passing their blessings down to a thousand generations. Walking in the programs God gives us, so we can walk in heaven on earth.

On the other hand Bad programs are passed down like curses to our children and grand children until somebody breaks the curses, the bad programs, that block us from living in heaven on earth.


Why Is This Topic So Important?

Programs can keep us in heaven on earth or keep us in hell. We tend to share our hell with those around us and it hurts us to remain in hell.

What are the Nuts and Bolts of Changin Your Mind Codes?

We like to build trust and show evidence of change so each person understands what we are doing. We want you to see and understand how those programs were affecting you and your relationships, work, creativity, and future.

Then you can find areas that you want to work on because you know what to look for now. it can be:

  • self esteem

  • relationships

  • family

  • past experiences/traumas

  • fears/fobias

  • anxiety

  • frustration

  • creativity

  • stuck states.....

The great thing about it, you don't have to get into all the details to change the programs. This is good for the person and the one treating.

A good test to see if the program has changed is how you feel when you think about the "it". If it causes a feeling, it has not been processed or changed sufficiently. If you feel good about it an it doesn't cause anxiety, fear, anger, frustration then the program has changed and you are free. At least from that area.

Are You Feeling Empowered?

I hope this gives you an idea of some of the things we do that they say can't be done. When you are ready, call the office and schedule an appointment to get started.

We can send you our intake forms, or you can print them at the bottom of the page where it say "NEW PATIENT FORMS". Call now as we may have a waiting list, sometimes out to six weeks.

806 794-6252


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