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man removing nerve interference in the knee
hand on knee moving hip and knee

"Aw, they are going to have to replace that!" Did they find out what caused it? "They said I'm just getting old. Now mind you, she was only in her 40s.

Me: Oh, So did you look the doctor in the eye and say "Doctor, you see this other knee? It is the same age as that one and it doesn't hurt!"?

Many of our problems are NOT aging problems. She came into our office looking for relief from low back pain, so we started to work there first, removing scar tissue and adhesions, adjusting the spine to restore motion that had been lost and was limiting movement in the joints. It had started degenerating due to loss of Motion.

Did you know when you isolate a joint so it doesn't move (like putting a cast on an arm) it starts to degenerate within 6 hours?

Imagine letting it go for years because you didn't know it could be corrected and so it continues to degenerate. Now you have decreased disc height, bulging disc, bone spurs and starting to have symptoms like pain in the arm or leg, numbness and tingling, weakness in the muscle. It's just not working like it used to.

Fast forward a few more years and your knee starts hurting because it has injuries too. Distortion in normal weight bearing of the joint while gimping around in compensation away from the pain, degenerates the joint. You might think, "well, maybe it will just go away" and you might put some stuff on it that makes it feel better, maybe even shoot some Cock's Comb into the joint for some temporary relief. Your doctor may even give you muscle relaxer and pain killers. BUT, it is not going away and in fact is coming on more frequently and lasting longer. (degeneration- problems usually get worse when you don't fix em, right?)

The Smart ones figure out there is more that can be done than covering over the symptoms and if you can avoid a surgery for a fraction of what it cost to have the surgery, it would certainly be worth it, right?


We started working on the low back first because the nerves that control all the muscles in the legs come from the low back and sacrum. Make sense?

Once we stopped the degeneration in the back and the pain was way down, I suggested we look at her knee. I adjusted it and it made a loud popping sound. She screamed, and then said, "That is amazing"! I asked if she was all right. She said "My knee has been hurting 24/7 for nearly a year." She had not played golf in all that time because the more she played, the worse it felt.

We started breaking up the scar tissue, reducing the inflammation and pain. soon she was coming in telling me "Doc, I can walk up the stairs now. I still can't go down the stairs, but I can go up the stairs. My Daughter lives upstairs in her apartment and I have not been able to go see her".

A couple weeks later, she comes in "Doc I can go up the stairs and down the stairs and I have started playing golf again. Now, the more I play, the better it feels". I said YES. That is the way it is supposed to be.

She never had to get her knee replaced and kept on playing golf, the biggest thing she enjoyed doing in her life with her friends and family.


Well, you say, that may be true, but I already had a surgery and even went thru rehab. Surely, there is nothing you can do now!

We had a lady come in and had both knees replaced and they still hurt!

Her pelvis was all cattywampus (technical term for really messed up) and that turned out to be the source of her pain and when we corrected it, removed the scar tissue, restore normal range of motion, her knees quit hurting.

I don't know if she needed her knees replaced, I don't know what condition her knees were in before they did the surgery, but she sure was happy when she didn't need her cane or the pain killers and muscle relaxers anymore.

We have avoided many surgeries over the years and we have had a few that actually needed surgery but started out being in such bad health that they could not get the surgery. So, we shifted gears and started changing her digestive system, balancing hormones and deficiencies. And her Circulation improved, color in her face returned to normal, even got rid of the pitting edema and she was able to get her knees replaced.

I recommended she get both her knees replaced at the same time since she was already 81 years old, her doctor agreed. It is four months to get over a single knee surgery and it is also four months to get over bilateral knee surgery. 8 months is too long for her to be debilitated. When you are younger, they tend to do one knee at a time because they don't know if it will work and at least you will still have one functioning knee, so they spread it out over the year.

But when you are healthy and not tearing muscles from normal activities, one could have both done at the same time. (degenerative tissue disease- supposed unknown cause. means there is no apparent problem, it doesn't show in the blood or scan. You just do some normal activity like reaching to the back seat and OOP, now you have a rotator cuff tear) (we find that there is a protein metabolism problem. It is like building your house with flimsy material so it breaks easily and seems to be a major source of failed rotator cuff surgery too. We correct this with our nutrition program),

I STRONGLY recommend coming to see us before you do surgery because any surgery is not really healthy for a body. It compromises systems and tissues and once you replace a part, it will never be normal or the same. If we can't fix it, you can always have the surgery. If we can't fix it, at least you can get healthier so you can have a successful surgery.

She didn't need her walker any more, she could step forward and gain ground fast. Before, she could only waddle. Now it was like smooth sailing, getting where she wanted to go. Freedom!

We worked on the incision to keep the scar to a very fine line. All surgeries create scar tissue on the inside and at the entry site. Clearing the new scar tissue gives them the best outcomes of function, mobility and success of the replacement so hopefully they will never have to re-do the knees.

Most failures tend to be due to poor circulation, mal-communication to the brain and then another one is infection. Getting the body in the best shape to successfully come thru surgery and overcome any possible infection is the best thing one can do for themselves.

We teach you how to do that and then you can teach your children and grandchildren so they don't have to go through the same things we have. I call it breaking the curses.

So many stories. Maybe we have what you need too. The only way to find out is to come in and let us see what can be done. You could be the next great story!

Call today and get started on the rest of your life

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