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Sorry, you will never be able to have Children!

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woman looking at her miracle baby

Imagine, you have not even graduated high school and the doctors are telling you "Sorry you will never be able to have children".

17 years old, severe abdominal pain, could not stand up straight, could hardly breath. It is hard to believe but even professionals can get it wrong.


She remembers them pushing on her abdomen and releasing it quickly with severe pain, but they diagnosed "ovary". She went 3 days in the hospital. They opened her up from the belly button down. The diagnosis changed instantly to a rupture appendix. Peritonitis, infection, multiple surgeries and when they were done, they told her "You will never have children".

Fast forward 7 years with all new symptoms of severe PMS, and for 2 years before she came to The Alternative Medicine Center, she started producing breast milk but due to the hormone deficiencies and imbalances she did not make oxytocin which is required to express the milk. This caused terrible pressure and pain in the breast even worse during the Menses.


We corrected diet to balance the hormones, broke up scar tissue to restore blood and nerve communications, adjusted organs restoring the orchestra of Biochemicals so her body could make beautiful music again and within a few weeks she quit producing milk. Within a couple months, her period was no longer painful.

Several months later, she was married and a year later she delivered her first baby with no drugs or surgeries'. She didn't even have morning sickness. Then she would go on to deliver 5 more Healthy Beautiful children. Isn't the wonderful? I think so because she is my wife, and those 6 children are my children.


Many women over the last 25 years have similar experiences, having babies when all else failed. They spent 10s of thousands of dollars yet failed. It's not uncommon for them to spend 50-75 thousand dollars and then they start thinking about adoption. Don't give up HOPE, find a way!

Give the body what it needs, and it can heal itself and it doesn't cost nearly that much.

Call us today!

Find what is causing YOUR problems and see what can be done.

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