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by Gilbert Danforth Doctor of Chiropractic and Alternative Medicine

Thoughts affect the body by controlling our perspectives.

Have you ever known people that seem to be depressed tend to eat to suppress their emotions?

Traumas cause injury to the mind. The System creates subconscious programs to automatically protect that person, their mind, their environment. Most of what we do is on autopilot.

"Hi, how are you?" "Fine, thanks how are you?" Here we see a greeting and an automatic response that doesn't express what is actually happening to that person. They could be sick with a terrible headache and still they would say "fine".

Sometimes we create bad programs that adversely affects our lives. Many of these programs are created when we have a limited or distorted perspective of what happened. Have you ever perceived that someone did something against you only to get a bit more information and find it was not what you thought?

We have Conscious and Subconscious minds. Then we have natural subconscious programs and learned subconscious programs. We learn most of our subconscious programs the first 5-7 years of life. This is why we depend so much on a stable, functioning, loving home environment. The parents are in the best position to teach values to their children. The War against your family has been going on for a long time but that is a story for another time. What is important today is "HOW DO WE CHANGE THE SUBCONSCIOUS PROGRAMS THAT ADVERSELY AFFECT OUR LIVES TODAY?"

Our thoughts affect our bodies

We often see people suffer with low back pain when they are not supported by their family. This could be because the person is in rebellion and acting out or their lifestyle is different than the families and it is not accepted but what if they are acting the way they are programmed?

So why do we do the things we do? could it be the subconscious programs that control our perceptions causing us to do strange things or view things differently?

Next thing to consider.

Why do we know a thing to do and we don't do it, or a thing not to do and yet we do it?

You remember when there was a kick on speaking positive affirmations? and people, I think, were missing information thinking if they avoided saying something is wrong (awareness that a problem exists) and only speak positively, that it would somehow magically manifest good things. Speaking things that are not as tho they are, seems to be a good thing but here is the problem, it doesn't work. The positive affirmation is only in the conscious mind and doesn't change the subconscious program. Repeating something over and over is an effort to change the subconscious program. That is like trying to flip the switch on the wall to make the light come on using only your conscious mind instead of getting up, walking over to the switch and flipping it. Saying "I am beautiful, I am rich, I am a math genius, I have green skin... doesn't ever change those things. Make sense?

Will someone ever pass their math test if they don't study and learn the principles of math and then practice applying those principles? So, a positive affirmation will never change anything positively. On the other hand, a subconscious program could stop someone from studying or practicing math because "girls can't do math". isn't that a terrible program? Remember the Women of NASA?

It takes changing the subconscious program that changes our actions and reactions to make change in our lives. It is like Faith without Works is Dead. Faith being the things not seen but hoped for and then following instructions (subconscious programs) and manifestation is being developed as we take the steps to get where we want or need to go.

Plant a seed, what grows?

Can you plant a pumpkin seed and it grow into an apple tree? That seed has programs that control the body of the plant and so we see that in nature, like begets like. Everything is controlled by instructions, rules, regulations, statutes, and laws. No number of positive affirmations against these laws will change them. "I am not controlled by gravity; I am not controlled by gravity" if affirmations could work like that, we could all fly. Affirmations can't make us math wizards or president of the United States. It takes the right programs with the right actions and decisions to grow a person capable of math or being a president. This is true in everyone's lives.

Now, when we have traumas which could be physical, mental/emotional, chemical and most often a combination of these, it affects the perceptions, good or bad, in that person and so their decisions. Decisions affects our outcomes. Outcomes affects our outlook on life, direction and most importantly our actions. If we don't get past these traumas and change our programs, we will continue living broken lives, making the same stupid decisions that keep up poor in spirit, mind and body making stupid choices and wonder why everything bad always happens to them.

If you change the programs, it changes your mind, the chemistry in your body, the desires of the flesh become pure instead of deprived. Deprived meaning lacking instruction to live. Think of the Negative connotation of "Hill Billy": backward, ignorant, childish folk. The term is negative causing an away from action. people don't want to be Hillbillies because of the negative connotation. If we change the definition of Hillbilly to one of Resourceful, cunning, brilliantly creative, overcomers, adaptable, happy, friendly, helpful, loving people, then everyone would want to be a Hillbilly. Now you can see the programming of "hillbilly". We can't change "Hillbilly" by saying "Hillbillies are resourceful, cunning, brilliantly creative, overcomers, adaptable, happy, friendly, helpful, loving people because they would actually have to be all these things or become all these things thru education, taking actions that would cause people to attribute these terms to them and after about 20 years everyone's definition would be that "to be a Hillbilly is a good thing, everybody knows that!"

The subconscious programs that can block getting want and need to be is what we are interested in changing. Working directly with the subconscious to change the negative programs, one that goes against nature and thus goes against prospering. Remember can't plant pumpkin seed and get apples.

So how do we change these subconscious programs if we can't change them thru the conscious mind. Psychobabble doesn't work, talking about trauma doesn't work, it is only the first step in noticing there is a problem. Once you know there is a problem, you can focus on the solutions. Emotions are only tempered with Logic and balance only comes when Emotions and Logic are balanced. I first became aware of a solution when the book came out EMDR Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing developed by Francine Shapiro PhD and Margot Silk Forrest.

This was a Technique to get the right brain and left brain to process traumas. When they don't get processed, they call it Post traumatic stress disorder among other names. the Trauma gets stuck in the emotion state and environmental triggers would activate the trauma and thus the emotional outbreak. The theory is to get the logic side and the creative side of the brain to process the trauma, so it goes to the logic side instead of the emotion side and thus change the actions and reactions of the traumatized person (NO MORE POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER), something people normally do with dreaming and rapid eye movements. This technique works great, but it takes 30 minutes to an hour to go thru the technique and I found very few therapists that took the course to be able to use it effectively. There are a few, however, most therapists want to use all the tools they learned in school which takes many therapy sessions. the average problem in typical therapist sees people 5-7 years with a 3-5% success rate. Talk about doing the same thing over and over again thinking they will get a different result. That is crazy.

They also discovered a way to activate the brain without the eye movement and that was tapping right side of the body then the left going back and forth to achieve the same effect.

Ah, so we can use something in the skin to activate the system of processing traumas.

So, In Natural Healing and TBM we have a technique called "Master Emotions". With this technique, we have acupuncture points on the head and chest that when activated in the proper sequence gives the same effect as using EMDR but only takes seconds instead of many minutes.

One of the things I loved about EMDR was the fact the practitioner does not need to get into all the gory, nasty, gross, terrible, heartbreaking, depressing details in order to help the persons process the trauma. Using Master Emotion Technique also doesn't have to get into all the details (remember psychobabble doesn't help).

We can say "think of the person, or the trauma, or the feeling" and use Master Emotion and instantly the subconscious program changes. People can feel immediate relief and shift in their mental state. This works in "unforgiveness, physical trauma, emotional trauma, it works on childhood programs that may cause shyness, nervousness, stress, anxiety, fearfulness, as well changing outlook on life and the future.

I was talking to my cousin that was a missionary for many years, he said "it sounds like deliverance to me". I think that is a good description.

We stand on the shoulders of great men and women. Those that dare to stand, give others permission to stand as well. I appreciate all the Great Mentors I have had in my life so I can Help people move away from their sorrows and regain their lives again.

We have so many testimonies of how this has changed peoples lives. I am always amazed and thankful to the Creator for opening the doors and opportunities.

If you or someone you love is suffering, wanting to change, wanting to be able to go into the public without so much fear and anxiety, able to take actions they could not take before, we may be able to help.

Call today and let's get started on the rest of your life.

806 794-6252 The Alternative Medicine Center

Guarantee: If we don't get significant change, we won't charge for the visit


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