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Had a patient come in one day, he started telling me about the ringing in his ears. This was just one of many symptoms he came for. I have had many people come in with ringing in the ears and many times we helped and even gotten the ringing to go away, but this time was different.

He says, "Doc, I have not been noticing that ringing in my ears lately!".

I said, "Oh, that is wonderful!"

He says, "No Doc, you don't understand, I have thought about going into the back yard with my pistol and putting it out."

I was taken back a bit. You see, I didn't know how bad the ringing was! The point here, we don't know were people really are. We may know some of their symptoms but unless they point it out like that,... I hate to think what could have happened if someone had not told him "Go see Dr. Danforth"

What can Alternative Medicine Do?

One of my more recent patients told me about a friend that was just diagnosed with cancer and they didn't want to go thru chemo and radiation. I told her, well, send him in. There may be something we can do to help. We have had some success helping even in stage 4. To be clear, we never treat cancer. that would be treating the symptom.

Only your body can heal itself. You must give it what it needs to overcome what ever comes your way. These things can be Physical, Mental/Emotional, or Chemical and often a combination.

Did you know that tumors are like the toad stool? Where the mass of the organism is below the surface and removing the Tumor surgically is just removing the toad stool! I gave her a card to give him. This was Friday and she was going to give it to him on saturday. She came back in today the following monday, they told her he had already passed on Saturday. That was awfuly fast for us. God knows what he is doing and he has given us a choice. All our choices determine what kind of life we will live. Choices to act like nothing is wrong or find out what is happening. Unfortunately, sometimes it is too late.

Don't put off till tomorrow what you can do today. Doctor I can't live like this!

Procrastination can get you killed. How often is there something wrong but we just think it will go away? Didn't work out to well for him as far as continuing to live on Earth. I believe there is a plan for everyone but it is up to each person to Choose to Live.

Part of that choice is what we do or don't do with our body, mind, diet, sleep and activities. Ignorance is no excuse because dis-ease doesn't care what you do. We do know what promotes disease and with alternative medicine, we have found many things the body needs to return to "Healthy" as a person can be in the condition they have gotten themselves in.

What Condition have you gotten your body into?

No, We can't raise the dead. And it is appointed to man, once to die. BUT, while we are alive, there is HOPE.

Make the choice to get your health back!

There is no Health in pharmaceuticals, or junk food. And how many people get healthy lying on the couch?

That said, you may be taking pharmaceuticals that are keeping you alive long enough to make changes. These changes can get you back to where you don't need medications. We work with Physicians to help their patients get past the need for medications. If your blood pressure goes to normal, do you still need the medication?

Give the Body what it needs and you may regain: Strength, Energy, Stamina, mental cognitive ability, accuity, vision and hearing in certain cases. Maybe you have something we can help. What are you waiting for?

Guarantee: If we don't get significant change, we won't charge for the visit. Have you ever heard of such a thing?

Call us today and let us see what can be done for you, before it is too late!

806 794-6252


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