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What is Alternative Medicine


The Body is uniquely designed to heal itself. Did you know that every cell in your body has a brain, Digestive System, Immune System, Repair System, Reproductive System?

The Brain of the cell is not the Nucleus but is on the surface of the cell and it is covered with receptors, antenna like structures and identifiers that tells what kind of cell it is, liver, skin, kidney, brain and also whose cells they belong to. I mean if you put your cells into someone else, they will reject those cells because it is not them. Just like we look at someone and recognize them and they are different from all other human beings in their voice, physical looks, characterand attributes, so too are the cells of your body.

Each cell has a digestive system to break down materials, poisons, toxins so it protects the cell from damage. This is also part of the cell immune system as it will break down anything foreign or it will store the poisons and toxins to later be transported to the Liver where specialized cells render them non toxic and non poisonous so they can pass out of the body causing no harm.

Any time something on the surface of the cell is damaged or isn’t working, the cell will bring it into the cell, break it down and use the components to build more parts and replace the receptors on the cell. These receptors are very important in that they control the genetic expression. That’s why we call the surface of the cell, the brain because it controls the cell activities.

The Reproductive system is used to divide the cells and replace dead or dying cells. All cells start out the same but then differentiate to specific types of cells and in specific locations in the body. We don’t make liver cells in the kidney. They did a study and taking some kidney cells and tagging them with radio isotopes they injected those cells into the leg of a person and the body took those cells are put them back into the kidney. Isn’t that amazing?

Alternative Medicine Uses the bodies innate abilities to get it to heal. Here at The Alternative Medicine Center we use various programs to get the body up and running.

We will talk more in blog posts about Diet, Nervous System, Emotional Influence, Past Traumas, Environment, conditions of the body that can adversely affect your health and we do this Alternative Medicine without Drugs or Surgeries.

Lets find out what the source of your problems

are and what we can do to get your body to heal Naturally.

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